Quinn Piling offer a complete design and installation service for soil-nailing.
We also have a variety of rigs ranging from 3t to 30t giving us the capability to install soil-nails in various ground conditions and restricted-access conditions. For example, Quinn Piling have developed a specialist remote-controlled rig for applications on steep slopes where using standard drilling equipment might be deemed unsafe and perhaps not possible.


Soil Nailing & Slope Stabilisation

Soil-nailing is a slope-stabilisation process that uses fully-bonded ties installed in the ground. The 'nails' are usually grouted bars, made from steel, stainless steel or glass fibre and can be solid or hollow tubular.   
Soil-nails can be drilled in using a grout, flush-pumped through the centre, or simply pushed into or grouted into pre-drilled holes. Soil nails are then usually covered with mesh or geotextile which is held in place with a bolt on top of a flat plate.
On highway embankments and railway cuttings, these mesh-covered slopes are commonly seeded, allowing vegetation and roots to further stabilise the surface soils.

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