Mini Piles

A mini-pile generally has a diameter of between 100 and 300mm and can extend to depths of over 50m.

What is it used for?

Construction of high-capacity small-diameter piles
Installation of piles under existing structures such as bridges or even overhead power lines
Underpinning or strengthening of existing structures both externally and/or internally
Slope-stabilisation works
Construction of propped or unpropped retaining walls
To resist hydrostatic uplift pressures
Upgrading existing floor slabs

Basic Technique

Quinn Piling have a fleet of mini-pile rigs ranging in size from 2.5 to 18 tons. This equipment is extremely versatile and the smaller rigs can operate within buildings. Piles may be vertical or raked and can also be pressure-grouted for increased capacity if required. Drilling techniques include cased, auger and rotary-percussive. Either a reinforced steel cage, steel circular hollow section or a centralised steel reinforcement bar may be used. Quinn Piling can offer high capacity mini piles with safe working loads of up to 1200kN.


Ability to bore through variable and difficult ground conditions e.g. masonry or existing concrete foundations
Construction within restricted working areas and/or low headroom
Working within existing premises with minimal disruption to other operations
Low vibration
Permanent liners can be incorporated into the solution for installations in very soft ground conditions.

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