King Post Walls are a cost-effective system for providing a retaining wall solution. The 'King Posts' are formed using stock steel universal columns or beams that are installed vertically, and typically inserted at centres between one and three metres along the line of the structure to be retained. The space between the King Posts is in-filled using a variety of different options, from precast concrete panels to steel sheets or railway sleepers depending on whether the retaining wall is to be a permanent or temporary structure and the depth of excavation to be retained.

The King Post system is comparatively quick and straight forward. The first stage is to bore a hole with an auger, then fill it with concrete and insert a steel H section which, when the concrete is set, enables timber sleepers or concrete/steel panels to be installed between the webs of the H section.

The King Post wall solution is generally cost-effective for retained heights up to 3m.

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